Trusts Management

New Zealand trust law demands rigorous administration and management of trusts, with trustees and administrators facing increasing responsibilities and potential liability. The LegalOffice Trusts Manager is designed to meet the trust administration needs and provide an effective risk management tool for law firms.

Fully integrated with the LegalOffice practice management system, there is no need for duplication of a trust’s information. The Trusts Manager seamlessly operates with the digital document management system, precedent creation system, identity management and AML verification.

Key features of this module are:

  • Assist with the process of the trust administration building an audit trail of activities
  • A trusts register
  • Trust information including assets and liabilities
  • Identity roles and AML verification
  • Record of key trust documentation
  • Document and email precedents
  • Activity templates or producing documents, letters and emails, and minutes
  • Tools to help manage staff and trust workflows

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