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Document management doesn’t have to be hard!

CloudDMS is a document management system based on our popular LegalOffice document management system. Integrating seamlessly with most business systems, including leading New Zealand based practice management systems, Cloud DMS is a great choice for businesses looking to implement a cloud based digital office and document management system.

  • Supports all file types, including voicemail and sms files
  • Integrates with other business systems like Infinity Law, and Lawbase.
  • Full text searching
  • Document versioning
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Virtual files
  • Document security
  • Government Certified New Zealand based data centre

per month

no obligation,
no minimum contract term,
no minimum number of users.

Our integration with Microsoft Office makes it simple to create and save documents. You can save any type of file into our DMS. Want to save SMS messages? No problem! Imagine, no paper documents or files to locate or clutter your desk.

Our intuitive Workspace and streamlined processes help you improve performance and productivity. CloudDMS has all the features to improve your efficiency. Time is precious, don’t let the mundane take over.

CloudDMS gives you real time access to all of your files and documents from anywhere. It allows you to share and collaborate no matter where you are.

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